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Southern California & Orange County Military Ceremony & Marriage Vows… Chaplain, Justice-Of-The-Peace, Wedding Judges, Clergy, Ministers Or Other Kinds Of Wedding Officiators

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For marrying couples wanting a military wedding & armed services knowledgeable marriage officiator for their non-religious or religious wedding ceremony & marriage vows

The military wedding is a proud armed services tradition. The army, navy, marines, air force, coast guard or associated reserves, each add their own colour to the marriage celebration. The wedding/marriage ceremony is sometimes held on base, but often at a non-base location. Whether the military wedding is at a park, garden, hotel, community center, fort, lodge or military club, a chaplain or other military - minded wedding officiator can be of help. Adamant about a military ceremony, a bride and groom needs to locate a committed, reliable, skilled and willing military ceremony officiator. This task can be even harder when looking for an Orange County, California officiator. For details on both options contact TCN.

In the case of a “marrying” chaplain...

  • Military chaplains can be limited by orders or limited by interest
  • Military chaplains do not usually perform marriage ceremonies off base
  • Military chaplains do not always solemnize marriage ceremonies. A chaplain’s training and priorities may be other.
  • Military chaplains do not frequent non-military wedding locations. As such, can not be helpful in the tying together of the military ceremony and its location planning.

With a professional wedding officiator, knowledgeable in the military wedding ceremony, a better option is to be found. The military chaplain does not offer the range of service or the important guarantees and protections given by a career wedding officiator. For details on both options contact TCN.

What Kind Of Wedding Officiator Or Marriage Celebrant (Other Than A Chaplain) Can Guarantee The Military Ceremony Help & Assurances Needed?

Some of the following:

  • Make certain that your prospective wedding officiator is degreed in his/her field. Ruling out those without long- time officiating experience, part-timers, beginners, internet or mail-order ordained, the questionable or those officiating just for fun, is an important start. A screened, career, professional officiator is a minimum standard from which to start.
  • Will guarantee your civil or non-religious military wedding ceremony content and is experienced in presenting the same.
  • Is based with a reputable Orange County civil officiators group. A screened, career civil officiator with professional local Orange County wedding affiliations.
  • Has a working experience with wedding locations in Orange County - Los Angeles County - San Bernardino - Riverside County or San Diego County. The more experience the better!
  • Consider the officiator’s physical qualities in the light of the marriage ceremony environment - inarticulate or soft speaking voice, untidy appearance, character, confident, friendly, or overall state of health
  • Consider the officiator’s knowledge of your specific marriage ceremony location. For example, the officiator’s actual experiences at your chosen wedding venue… i.e. their opinion on the venue’s sound system, the location’s wedding coordinator, ceremony area’s strengths and weaknesses, caterer, etc.
  • Will be the one who presides over your marriage ceremony. You do not want to meet with one officiant only to have another show up on the wedding day. One that has not agreed to military wedding ceremony content.
  • Will supply guaranteed “back-up”, in the event of their illness. The “back-up” should perform the already agreed to civil / non-religious marriage ceremony. This “back-up” should also abide by the other terms discussed with your primary officiator.
  • Make certain that the marriage officiant consults with the wedding professionals directly related to your wedding ceremony & transition to the wedding reception festivities. The wedding reception caterer, event planner or banquet coordinator, photographer, videographer, D.J., musicians, etc, are to be included in this list.
  • Will add the romance and personality to your ceremony, strongly needed in civil or non-religious military marriage ceremony content. The heart and soul of the bride and groom… their future hopes, and present feelings of love for each other, should not be sacrificed by military formality, but enhanced by it.

How Can The Clergy Network Help You To Realize The Civil Or Non-Religious Military Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Vows Of Your Dreams?

The Clergy Network… a military wedding officiator service can provide a celebrant, non-denominational clergy, religious or civil marriage officiant to perform your marriage ceremony & vows. We offer:

  • A selection of trained, degreed and screened career professional wedding officiators. Male or female marriage presiders are represented. Military ceremony experienced.
  • A bride and groom the choice of wedding ceremony content and marriage vows. A wedding ceremony planning session which takes into consideration military ceremony content requirements.
  • TCN’s fulltime support staff are trained to assist in a bride’s and groom’s civil or non-religious military marriage ceremony planning
  • TCN’s proprietary on-line marriage ceremony wording library and organizational web space & ceremony planning materials
  • Name change and marriage license information, paperwork and requirements will also be provided. In some cases, marriage licenses are issued by TCN. No visit to the Orange County Clerk’s office may be needed.
  • An officiator assisted wedding rehearsal package
  • Week of the wedding phone conference (with bride, groom & officiator) & day of pre-ceremony coordination (by officiator with wedding ceremony vendors). A guaranteed emergency “back-up” officiator will be assigned to a couple’s chosen primary officiator.
  • Filing of marriage license with Orange County Clerk Recorders Office or California Marriage License issuer
  • Plus more!


For More Information On Civil Marriage Ceremonies & Wedding Vows, Contact The Clergy Network , A Military Wedding Officiant Referral Service, At (Main Office In Southern California)- 714 970- 8839. Celebrating 17, Very Successful Years Of Civil Wedding Ceremony Officiation!

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