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Southern California Catholic Wedding Ceremonies - Orange County

As you already know, a Roman Catholic Priest will not preside over a wedding ceremony, whereby the bride and groom is not both Roman Catholic. Or, a Roman Catholic Priest may not solemnize a marriage ceremony at a non - Catholic Church wedding venue or other marriage ceremony location. Most Roman Catholic Priests will not perform the Sacrament of Marriage on a Sunday morning or early afternoon, due to Mass. In fact, a Roman Catholic Priest must get special permission to preside over the Sacrament of Marriage at a Church other than his own.
As You Plan Your Roman Catholic Marriage Ceremony…
The Answers To The Following Questions May Determine The Limitations Of Your Wedding Officiator Selection
1.. Are you and your fiancée practicing Catholics? Planning a Catholic style wedding ceremony, but will be marrying outside the Church? At a park? The beach? Country club or other non-Church wedding venue?
2. Are you and/or your fiancée divorced and unable to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Marriage through the Roman Catholic Church?
3. Are either you or your fiancée, not Roman Catholic? Are there plans to become a member of the Catholic faith? Before the wedding? After the wedding?
4. Is your fiancée not planning to convert to Catholicism? Is he or she wanting an interfaith or trans-faith marriage ceremony?
5. Is your fiancée not planning to convert to Catholicism, but consenting to a "Catholic" style ceremony?
6. Are you and your fiancée, Catholic, but want a non-religious or traditional Christian (without Mass) marriage ceremony? Possibly adding one or two Roman Catholic or ethnic Church customs only? Possibly not at all?
7. Do you and/or your fiancée want a completely civil ceremony, with a "Marriage Blessing" from the Roman Catholic Church in the months to follow your outdoor wedding ceremony?
8. Do you and/or your fiancée want to each add ethnic traditions practiced in your native country's Roman Catholic Church, but would be unable to at the Church currently attended?
A Roman Catholic Can Marry Outside The Church & Subsequently Receive The Church's Blessing
In certain cases, a Roman Catholic may marry outside the Roman Catholic Church, as long as the marriage ceremony is preformed by a non-denominational clergy/officiant, judge or justice of the peace. A "special dispensation" is available through the Diocese, which may recognize a park, beach, country club, etc, marriage ceremony. For details, contact TCN.
Before You Find The Acceptable Wedding Priest - A Warning

When marrying outside the Roman Catholic Church, leave the option open for the Church's "Marriage Blessing". The following types of clergy may not be acceptable to the Church's "Special Dispensation":

  • A denominational Clergy posing as a Roman Catholic Priest using the title of "Father", "Priest", "Bishop", etc. A genuine Roman Catholic Priest does not celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage outside the church. Or, in the Church of another denomination - Lutheran, Methodist, Viennese Catholic, American Catholic, Unitarian, Universal Life, or some pseudo - Catholic Church. Please Note: Pseudo - Roman Catholic religious denominations claim to have obtained the Pope's blessing on their priests' rite of succession. Their clergy solicit themselves as "Catholic Priests" (implied Roman Catholic) willing to "bless" a marriage outside the Church - at a beach, park, hotel, etc. Some even name their pseudo - Roman Catholic Churches in honour of certain Saints. This alleged declaration of Papal blessing can lead a Roman Catholic to believe that their marriage will automatically be blessed by the Roman Catholic Church. This is not true. For details contact your local Diocese.

  • A former Roman Catholic Priest, having left the Church, re-ordained in another denomination or faith. In this case, a former priest is claiming to have authority to perform the Sacrament of Marriage outside the Church with the Church's blessing.

  • A former Roman Catholic Priest, having left the Church to marry, claiming to retain the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church for the purposes of performing the Sacrament of Marriage.
When Selecting Your Roman Catholic Wedding Officiator
  • Make certain that your prospective wedding officiator is degreed in his/her field. Ruling out those without long- time officiating experience, part-timers, beginners, internet or mail-order ordained, the questionable or those officiating just for fun, is an important start. A screened, career, professional officiator is a minimum standard from which to start.

  • If marrying at a park, hotel, club, or other non-Church wedding location, you will need to obtain the services of your officiator/minister/judge/justice of the peace or non-denominational from a non-Church source. An officiator who is without denomination or is a civil celebrant. Be certain to select the type of officiator acceptable to the Church's "Special Dispensation". Make certain the wedding officiator can demonstrate knowledge of the Roman Catholic wedding ceremony and are schooled in the polity of the Roman Catholic faith.

  • Has a working experience with wedding locations in Orange County - Los Angeles County - Riverside County - San Bernardino or San Diego County.

  • Is based with a reputable Orange County officiators group. A screened, career officiator with professional local wedding affiliations.

  • Consider the officiator's physical qualities in the light of the wedding ceremony environment - inarticulate or soft speaking voice, untidy appearance, confident, friendly, or overall state of health.

  • Consider the officiator's knowledge of your specific marriage ceremony location. For example, the officiator's actual experiences at your chosen wedding venue… i.e. their opinion on the wedding venue's sound system, the location's wedding coordinator, ceremony area's strengths and weaknesses, caterer, etc.

  • Make certain that your pre-selected marriage officiator will be the one presiding over your wedding ceremony. You do not want to meet with one wedding officiator/minister/clergy or non-denominational, only to have another one show up on the wedding day. One that has not had significant Roman Catholic marriage ceremony experience.

  • Make certain that your primary officiator/minister or non-denominational clergy can supply guaranteed emergency "back-up", in the event of their illness. This "back-up" should agree to the terms arranged with your primary officiant. The "back-up" should perform the Catholic wedding ceremony content already agreed upon. Roman Catholic wedding ceremony content is a "specialized" content, as is the presiding of the same.

  • Make certain that the marriage officiant consults with the wedding professionals directly related to your wedding ceremony & transition to the wedding reception festivities. The wedding reception caterer, event planner or banquet coordinator, photographer, videographer, D.J., musicians, etc, are to be included in this list.

  • Make certain that the officiator/minister or non-denominational clergy will add the warmth and personality to your ceremony.

  • A Catholic "style" ceremony and marriage vows should not focus on the limitations imposed when your Church Priest's refused to preside outside the Church. The ceremony can emphasize the loving commitment of a couple and acknowledges God, while leaving the option open for a subsequent Church blessing.

How Can The Clergy Network Help You To Realize Catholic Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Vows Of Your Dreams?
The Clergy Network Of Southern California… Can Help With A Catholic Style, Interfaith, Trans-Faith Or Civil Marriage Ceremony Outside The Church

The Clergy Network…. A Catholic wedding officiator service offers marriage celebrants skilled in Roman Catholic wedding ceremony planning and presentation - knowledgeable and experienced. Our clergy membership includes those with more education and training than the average Roman Catholic Priest. TCN is in your local Orange County area. To be familiar with both the Catholic wedding ceremony & Orange County wedding locations is a plus.
  • Interview a TCN officiator for your Catholic ceremony. The wedding ceremony to be presided at the wedding venue of your choice.

  • TCN Wedding officiators are skilled in interfaith ceremony presiding are also included within our wedding celebrant membership. As are civil marriage officiators.

The Clergy Network… a Catholic wedding officiator service can provide a minister, celebrant, non-denominational clergy or other civil marriage officiator to perform your non-religious or religious wedding ceremony. We offer:

  • A selection of trained, degreed and screened career professional wedding officiators. Male or female marriage presiders are represented - Roman Catholic, Interfaith and Civil marriage ceremony experienced.

  • Wedding officiators willing to preside at an outdoor, or non- Church wedding location, even if the couple has been privately married by a Roman Catholic Priest in a small Church ceremony. Ask TCN for details.

  • A bride and groom the choice of wedding ceremony content and marriage vows. A wedding ceremony planning session which takes into consideration Catholic or Interfaith or Civil requirements.

  • TCN's proprietary on-line marriage ceremony wording library and organizational web space & ceremony planning materials.

  • Name change and marriage license information, paperwork and requirements will also be provided. In some cases, marriage licenses are issued by TCN. No visit to the Orange County Clerk's office may be needed.

  • TCN's fulltime support staff are trained to assist in the bride's and groom's Roman Catholic, Interfaith or Civil wedding ceremony planning.

  • Week of the wedding phone conference (with bride, groom & officiator) & day of pre-ceremony coordination (by officiator with wedding ceremony vendors). A guaranteed emergency "back-up" officiator will be assigned to a couple's chosen primary officiator.

  • An officiator assisted wedding rehearsal package

  • Filing of marriage license with Orange County Clerk Recorders Office or California Marriage License issuer.

  • Plus more….!

For More Information on Civil Or Non-Religious Marriage Ceremonies & Wedding Vows, Contact The Clergy Network, A Catholic, Interfaith & Civil Wedding Officiator Referral Service, at 714 970 - 8839 (Main Office In Southern California). Celebrating 17, Very Successful Years Of Wedding Ceremony Officiation!


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